Our actuators are based on variable stiffness actuation and present a wealth of potential uses due to their naturalness of motion, energy efficiency, speed, robustness, and task adaptability. Our VSA robotic muscles take the form of robotic “building blocks” to be assembled according to need.  The qbmove is a single actuator, which has three variants with increasing performance parameters: maker, maker pro and advanced. The qbmate is a robotic kit comprised of multiple qbmoves and connector pieces for assembly and configuration in different robots, e.g. a snake, a hexapod, or a humanoid.

The soft robotic hand, the qbhand, is a robotic hand that exploits the principles of synergies in a simple and intrinsically intelligent design. Those who do not have access to basic manufacturing facilities or wish to save time and effort in creating a Variable Stiffness Actuator can purchase one from qbrobotics.

For further information or to receive an offer, please feel free to contact us.